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Ant Force Construction Group LLC


Since then, through much success, we have expanded into a full-blown demolition company servicing all of Houston and surrounding areas. We are fully insured and always respond for our customers. With over six years of experience in the waste management and service industry, our team has the necessary proficiency and resources to handle just about any job. Our team consists of advisors with over 30 years in the service sector, our customer service and job satisfaction is unmatched, and we make sure of it!


Ant Force Construction Group LLC is a professional, fully insured business that responds to our customers. We offer the most competitive pricing in Houston and surrounding areas and pride ourselves in providing quality work and 100% customer satisfaction. We do not leave a job site until the customer approves our work. With over six years of experience in the waste management industry and a team of advisors with 15+ years in the service sector, our team is built to respond efficiently and effectively.

Unlike our competitors, we control our operations from start to finish in order to complete jobs in a timely manner. We control operators, machinery, trucks, and debris removal down to the second, completing our jobs in accordance with the schedule set by us with the customer. The number one issue most Ant Force Construction jobs run into is debris removal; it can take DAYS to get trucks or dumpsters to show up on location. With us you will not have to worry about this slowdown, we own our trucks and dumpsters and control all aspects of our operations.