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Demolition – Why a Skilled Team and Careful Planning Are So Important

It is easy to think that demolition is all wrecking balls and dynamite, without much skill or expertise involved, but that could not be further from the truth. A skilled demolition project requires an experienced team and the highest standard for quality, ensuring the job goes smoothly, without putting the community or environment at risk. At Ant Force, we focus on a carefully considered approach to demolition that involves working closely with each of our clients in Texas and Louisiana to ensure seamless execution from start to finish.

  • Heavy demolition-Complete buildings, concrete, asphalt, Structural steel
  • Soft demolition- Selective interior walls and ceilings, finishes, tenant improvements, signage
  • Concrete slab and tilt wall cutting, trenching
  • Complete clean up and Haul off
  • Experts in selecting the best equipment for the job
  • Experineced and Certified operators of a wide range of machines and equipment
  • Dedication to quality and customer service
  • Contractor’s pollution insurance
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Our Unique, Collaborative Approach

When our crew at Ant Force approaches a new demolition project, we will first complete a rigorous period of planning before a single piece of equipment rolls onto a worksite. This planning phase is where we carefully map out the entire job, with clear deliverables and timelines to measure our success. We make a conscious effort to work collaboratively with each client, using their understanding and knowledge of the property to allow for a safer, more seamless site transition. We take pride in our commitment to quality and steady client communication which ensures that we exceed expectations at every step of the job.

Our Commitment to the Environment and Communities

Two key factors for us with every demolition project are environmental stewardship and community consideration. Historically, demolition comes with a stigma for poor environmental practices and a lack of community consultation. This is something that our team at Ant Force is committed to changing. With every new project, we take the time to estimate the potential value of the scrap materials and recyclables on a property to ensure the demolition is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, ‘green’project. We also work to ensure all community concerns and needs are addressed before any demolition begins.

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How We Are Committed to the Environment and Communities:

  • Our emphasis on recycling cuts down on the use of our overburdened landfills.
  • This also helps clients manage costs typically associated with waste disposal.
  • By committing to recycling, we help contribute to the green economy, encouraging further eco-conscious activities.
  • We work to anticipate and accommodate community concerns for factors such as dust spreading and noise disruption before demolition begins.
  • Should the need arise, Ant Force works with the site owners or managers to adjust procedures or add policies that further ensure safe surroundings.

Texas and Louisiana’s Trusted Demolition Team

Demolition requires the careful planning and consideration by an experienced crew committed to quality and customer satisfaction. With Ant Force, you can expect strong emphasis on rigorous consultation, environmental stewardship and community awareness that sets us apart from the competition. Whatever your budgetary needs or project challenges, we will work hard to ensure high quality and timely completion of your demolition.

If you want a demolition crew who knows the value of quality and careful planning, look no further than Ant Force Construction Group LLC. To find out more, fill out our form or call us to get a free quote for your project.